When you grow up indoctrinated with a certain way of believing, it can feel very strange to walk into the big ‘ol world with some of that conditioning still ringing in your ears.


I am waving my magic wand and giving you permission to ask the tough questions, to step into the new you, to follow your intuition, and make peace with your beautiful self. 


Permission to step outside the box.

Permission to feel all the feels.

Permission to see the perfection in the mess of it all.

Permission to think differently than those around you.

Permission to fall down, dust off, and get back up.

Permission to not have all the answers.


Contrary to what you have been taught, YOU are the most important person in your life. Without you, non of the rest matters.


It is okay to be “selfish” and work on you, to invest time and money and heart into yourself, maybe for the first time ever. Selfish is not a dirty word. It is the perfect word if you find yourself being overwhelmed with this chapter in your life.


Leaving a high demand religion is like walking into a new world where there are so many more unknowns and even more questions.


You do not need to do this alone.


You know you are ready for life coaching with me when…

  •  you find yourself going round and round with thoughts and feelings you don’t know what to do with.

  •  you find yourself getting fired up and not making progress emotionally.

  •  you want to find healthy ways to deal with your spouse, family and friends.

  •  you are ready to not be so triggered by other people’s thoughts and actions.

As your life coach, I guide you through the process of finding the you that feels buried under way too much conditioning and confusion.

  • I help you see how deep neural pathways have been formed in your brain, making it difficult to move forward. These pathways were formed when you were too young to even know this was happening.

  • I help you find peace in your life by learning how to process all of your thoughts and feelings, in healthy and profound ways.

  • I help you create real and genuine connections with your family members, even if they are staying in the church.

  • I help you find your own voice through all of this confusion. (the most important piece of your puzzle)

  • I help you find more happiness than you knew was possible.

  • I help you find you.


You are more brave than you think you are. You are already walking this path. You are courageous. You are tender and caring and want to keep that part of you. You want to know that you will be okay.


Ready to dive in and change your life in profound ways?


Scared? Good. That means it is time. Let’s get busy.


There is no better time to begin than today. Not later, down the road. Right now.


Currently, I only work with my clients one on one in my Ex•mormon•ology Coaching Program. This is my 8 week coaching program, custom created for you. You can live anywhere in the world. We meet face to face via Zoom video. (like Skype)


Do you need to an exmormon? Of course not. Not all of my clients have left the mormon faith. If you have ever felt lost and yearning to be found, this work is for you.


Schedule your gifted 30 min. mini session with me here.