"Amy is Amazing"

I had six sessions with her and I feel like a new person. I understand my blocks and the places that my mind likes to wander. Amy has techniques and resources that will help you along your journey. I feel more in control of my ambiguous thoughts and I know how to lead them better when they try to make me crazy. She is timely and her online video portal is convenient and almost flawless (it is technology!). She is kind, considerate, compassionate, and understanding. She made my experience totally worth it and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!” ~ Faith Tydings

"Working with Amy was a Pleasure"

Her kind demeanor allowed me to feel safe and trust that our relationship would be open yet professional.The tools I learned during our 6 week session have been so helpful. I’ve gained the ability to sort between thoughts and feelings and also gained the emotional intelligence I needed to feel the feels so to speak. Going through a Faith crisis it’s easier to hide, numb or retreat to our safe zones. I realized in our sessions that in order to be our most authentic selves we need to feel the ugly, feel the pain, feel the good, feel the vulnerability- knowing that I have all the answers is empowering. " ~ Denise Mitchell

"I Love Working with Amy"

I think everyone needs a life coach. If you have ever thought about working with a life coach you should get in touch with this beautiful lady. It will change your life. It has mine. It has been eye opening, mind blowing as well. Working with her has helped me to be more trusting and confident in myself and the choices I am making in my life. Amy truly is a gifted life coach. I believe this is her true calling in life.” ~ Brenda Millar​

"Amy is an Awesome Coach"

Amy Logan has been my Life Coach, and in so doing has helped me move forward through some difficult decisions and through some things that had me emotionally “stuck” in my life. Her ability to ask powerful questions that would get my mind moving, and get me moving into action was remarkable. With kindness and patience she listened to me, but always kept the focus on getting out of the emotions of the past in order to move forward. She brought me way more than I had bargained for…never telling me what to do…just skillfully guiding me through the mental and emotional roadblocks that had been plaguing me for years. Amy is an awesome coach! Sincerely, John M. Hanson

"Amy has been an Amazing Coach"

"I remember those late nights going through my faith crisis. You know the ones with the nonstop studying, and crying because you had figured out the church wasn't actually true. That's when Amy's YouTube videos showed up in my feed. She spoke of her own faith crisis and spoke of exactly what I was going through. I then decided to see if I could reach out to her because I felt there wasn't any one whom I could turn to who actually understood what going through the paradigm shift was like. Going through my own faith crisis felt like an emotional roller coaster ride, with so much anxiety packed into all the bumps along the way. I knew I had come to a point where I couldn't navigate this alone. Working with Amy has brought me a sense of relief in a way, where I can choose to not ride on that roller coaster anymore. Amy's methods have helped navigate my own thoughts, look at my relationships with my loved ones in a whole different way, and have helped me as a parent navigate parenting out of the church. Most importantly Amy has gave me a voice of my own, which is not something to be afraid of. Amy has been an amazing coach and I am happy to call her a friend." ~ Natalie

"Thank You for Believing in Me"

"Its been such a joy to get to know you. You have been a very inspirational part of my journey. When we met I was lost and broken. I was in such a low place, trying to process what was happening in my life. Between the death of my son and the loss of the only religion I had ever known, I was barely functioning. As I searched the internet for answers and comfort, I came up soul searching girl on youtube. It was your journey out of Mormonism and into life. I didn't know you, but could completely relate to what you shared. As time went on I found you to be a member of a group I became involved in as I searched for truth. I went out on a limb and sent a friend request. What a gift it was that you accepted that request from a total stranger. When the opportunity to work with you became available I knew it was something I needed and desired to do. From the first session I knew we understood each other. As you shared with me tools to help process information, I found myself desiring to do the work. I wanted to progress and move forward. I wanted peace and understanding. This is exactly what I found. Your knowledge and tools worked amazingly for me. It has been about 4 months since we met and two month since we began our time together. I feel alive, encouraged, strengthened and finally at peace. I have found what I was looking for. I have come to a place in life where I can see clearly and think through things. I believe with all that I am, I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for believing in me. Your forever friend, Karen"

"My Time with Amy was Invaluable"

I was familiar with coaching to a certain extent but wasn't sure exactly how the application looked. She was able to help me cut through my stories and examine how my thoughts were causing me pain. At the beginning of our sessions, I was always fairly frantic. By the end of the session I was calm and peaceful. I always walked away from our sessions feeling more confident in my ability to face the perceived obstacles in my life. I was always greatly impressed that despite me being all over the place, she was able to extract the information she needed to help me refocus. It was very clear that I was getting caught up in the dramatics of my life and spinning in those thoughts. She was professional, adaptable and a warm presence that made me feel comfortable being vulnerable. I would highly recommend her as a coach for anyone experiencing a faith crisis, or needing some additional clarity in any area of your life. ~ Maggie

"I'm Not Alone in this Struggle Any Longer"

I lived within my faith crisis for 15 years, alone and lonely. I read books, watched video blogs, listened to podcasts and in the past several years grew even more desperate as I watched people gain access to this kind of information and saw them leaving the church in a way that seemed they had a support network. I wanted to cry out—"Wait I’m out here—I’ve been doing this alone for a very long time!” Then I found Amy and watched her “search her soul” in vlogs where she laid herself wide open and completely vulnerable to the pain and fear of the faith crisis—and the everyday realities of it. She was genuine, honest, sincere and relatable. But she wasn’t in my life—until one day I found the courage to change that. I emailed her and I think I wrote something like “I don’t know if there’s a way we can work this out, but I need your help.” Now Amy is in my life—and serving as my coach here. The tentacles of having left a powerful, controlling church are invisible until you start looking at your thoughts and their context. Then you see reality, not the distortion that power created. That’s what Amy facilitates for me with an authenticity that I find is unique to Amy. It’s not only about the belief system but about how it formed my thinking to impact negatively my relationships, my career, and my feelings about myself. The truth is that I am my own authority. Amy has taught me to see that in multiple aspects of my life. She has helped me learn to replace my pain and fear with the reality that is based in the truth. I’m not alone in this struggle any longer. Amy, thank you—we are worthy. ~ Lisa