Bonus: The Irreverent Sessions 2

Amy is drinking a Rosé and James is drinking Bourbon Whiskey and our conversation took us around the block a few times… Mormon Dating Pretty In Pink Sex Before Marriage Purity Culture Young Women’s Motto Modesty Boys and their bad thoughts. Uchtdorf 3 year olds bearing testimonies Anti-mormons at General Conference to name a few. You will have to listen to the whole show to hear it all. Enjoy! A & J Check out this episode!

Anatomy of a Faith Crisis

Have you ever wondered what stage of your faith crisis you are in? How many stages are there? How did you get to this point in life that everything seems so different now? Let’s dive in. Last year we made a docu style video about an Anatomy of a Faith Crisis. This week, I walk you though the video and explain what it feels like in each stage. You can watch the 5 minute video referenced in this podcast by clicking the link below.

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Post Mormon Self Confidence

Post mormon brain often needs a little TLC in the self confidence department. You have busted through a huge paradigm and some of the side effects of this new world view may involve a bit of gun shyness.

Let’s continue to use that paradigm busting muscle in other areas of your life.

You have evidence of your own self confidence, yet when you set out to do something new, all your old stories come to the forefront and try to shut you down.

Let me walk you though why this happens and teach you how to rebuild and boost your self confidence going forward.

Take notes! 

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Bonus: The Irreverent Sessions

Welcome to Exmormonology, The Irreverent Sessions. James Rhodimer joins me for a wine review, mormon memory lane, and a glimpse into our exmormon life.

These “bonus” episodes will be released a couple times a month.  And, bonus points if you make it all the way to the end of this episode where the wine has kicked in full tilt and I pretty much slip into giggle mode.


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Pep Talk and Red Boots

There will come a time when you can look back at your initial faith crisis stage of life and laugh at yourself a wee little bit. So, no matter if you are 1 hour into your faith crisis, deer in the head lights stage of things or more of a been at this a while stage of post mormon life, this episode is for you. It is time for a Exmormonology Pep talk and a story of a crazy nervous Amy, first time exmormon meet up and a woman in red boots. Episode 22 of Exmormonology. Let’s go!

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