The Life Show Ep. 36 ~ What do you need to get back to?

I have some catching up to do and so The Life Show episodes will be out of order for a sec.  #lifehappens

Get caught up with me! Life has been a roller coaster the past 4-5 months. You can hear all about it here...

Lots of love to you!

Amy xo

Epiphanies! I love them! Do you?

Oh my goodness! I thought it was me. It is not me. It is FB. lol

No, seriously, I thought my business was over. Sales have been down. I got scared.

I also thought I had to do business a certain way. Maybe I do. Maybe I don't. But I am tired of the game of trying to figure it all out.

So, from this day going forward, I am going to do what feels intrinsically right for me.

I create because I have to create. Not because I have to sell. If you love my Soul Candy pieces...great! If you want to join me on an essential oil journey...great! If you want to have me as your life coach...great!

Either way, I will be here doing what I love, because I have to. I want to. It is me.

Have a listen to this impromptu FB LIVE video, from today. I share from a very genuine and honest place. Plus I talk about Elizabeth Gilbert, so there is that.

Things have been changing over on FB, as they always have and always will. But I will still be doing my thing and I hope you find ways to follow along.

Please sign up for my weekly bursts of love! That way we can always stay in touch. Even if you don't open all my emails! that is okay!!! Pick and choose what works for you. I am okay with it all. 

After watching this video, tell me what spoke to you. I really do want to hear your thoughts.

Are you tired of trying to do things perfectly, or just right? Stop that. Be you in all of your glorious imperfectness. Keep doing what you love, just because you love it, without worrying about what other people think.

We are all in this together.

Much love and cheers to living life on your terms.

~Amy xo

Essential Oils. My current OBSESSION.

Awww, I love my oils so much! 

Slightly oil obsessed. These are my most favorite essential oils.I live an oil life now. Completely. Everyday. I reach for my oils first when the slightest hint of sickness, aches or pains, emotional flair ups, if I need motivation or comfort. Truly and seriously. Because of this, I do know how much they will bless your life. I would never be sharing my love for them if I didn't truly love them. One of my most important values in life is to be authentic and so I only share from that place.  Message me with any questions you may have. This month there are some beautiful bonuses for you when you get started with your own starter kit. I would be honored to walk this oil life with you. 

So much healing can come from your desire to make a change. We all have areas of our lives that need special tending to.

How is your physical health? Emotional? Spiritual? Mental? Financial? 

Once you dive into the world of essential oils, you will find your life improving.

Tend to your tender self. Take time for you. You are worth the effort it takes to heal and progress through life in a healthy way.

Message me. Let's talk.


The Life Show Ep. 30 ~ Tomorrow

Life is precious. We all do not know how long we have on this planet. Really, one day at a time.

This episode aired just after the shootings in Las Vegas. 

It was hard to hop on live and talk about life as usual when for so many people life would never be the same again.

These are my thoughts from that day.

My love and healing heart to all of those effected by such a terrible terrible happening.

You are loved.


The Life Show Ep. 28 ~ Pat Yourself On The Back

Hey, do you ever get down on yourself? Get in a funk that is hard to get out of?

Me too. I totally do this and once I start going down the rabbit hole of sadness, it can be hard to get out of it. 

Here, I have a challenge for you. Watch this video and then try it. Then, let me know if it works for you? It is all about changing those voices in your head, right?

Sending you so much love on your journey!

~Amy xo

Essential Oils & YOU!

Are you ready?! Ohmygosh! This is it. So many goodies headed your way when you take the leap with me. When you order your essential oils starter kit this month, through me, you get to be mentored by me AND you get all of these beautiful oils AND of course my favorite The Essential Life book.

My favorite starter kit is the Home Essentials Kit. It come with all you see in this first photo...

Lemon Oil
Peppermint Oil
Lavender Oil
Frankincense Oil
DigestZen Oil
Breathe Oil
On Guard Oil
Oregano Oil
Melaleuca Oil
Deep Blue Oil
and a diffuser.

Extra goodies this month include; The Essential Life Book, a bottle of fractionated coconut oil, a bottle of Balance, Citrus Bliss, Serenity, Armomatouch, and Lavender oils. (this is huge!)

When you begin your own essential oil journey, you do not have to sell product. I actually hope you start your EO path to incorporate a more holistic way of showing up in the world.

Starting your own business with essential oils is an option. If you are interested in doing that too, let me know! I would love to have you join me for that reason too. One of the reasons why I do what I do, besides being more holistic in the way I take care of myself, is to help empower others, both financially and emotionally. I love what I do and I love sharing the power and healing essential oils can bring into you life.

Let's chat! I am waiting for you.

Really, I am. ~Amy xoxo

(ready to change your life for the better?! link below)


The Life Show Ep. 25 ~ What are you working on? Me? Energy.

One of the lessons that keeps showing up for me is how to harness more energy in my life. I will master this at some point, but until then, I will keep working on it. And that my friend is the key. One must create energy in order to get energy. Movement/motion creates more of the same.

I would love to hear what you are working on! What lesson keeps showing up in your life?


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